Samsung Galaxy Fold look: a look at the future

Samsung Galaxy Fold look: a look at the future

Samsung Galaxy Fold look: a look at the future

Rik, what is mine, having seen a lot of money on the new models of smartphones. Also, changing the frames, increasing the diagonals of the screens and the number of cameras is three, but now, fundamentally new form factors have begun to appear. All current smartphones are generally the same type of monoblocks with a screen on the entire front panel. With some variations on the type of curved screens and cameras, which you can see, there are no cardinal differences in the design. Gnuchki AMOLED / OLED screens allowed the makers to give free rein to their fantasies, and we succumbed to some of the rock models of smartphones with folding displays. I, scho rejoice, one sight of one stench is thoroughly exasperated. We won’t take the first Royole FlexPai to the point of respect: it’s not necessary for victoria and was sold only in China. And Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and Moto Razr 2019 are very real or close to reality models, in which the design and concept are victorious. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has gone through a long and thorny path to serial production, having improved and thoroughly improved, including after first looking at the cob of fate. There were moments, if it was possible for me, that I would be deprived of a prototype. But, fortunately, that didn’t happen, and Samsung Galaxy Fold is already on sale, including in Ukraine. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, having become the first smartphone with a flexible screen, is one of the best sellers around the world. Well, we already caught up with them to submit and lay down our hostility, like today

What is it?

Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone in the world with a flexible display (available for sale). Equipped with an additional 4.6-inch screen, a foldable 7.3-inch main screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship processor, 12 GB of RAM, 512 built-in memory, a triple main camera, a sliding front-facing internal and additional additional memory

Chim vin tsikaviy?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Look: Future-2 Look

Samsung positions the Galaxy Fold as a fundamentally new type of smartphone. And it’s true, it’s so wrong here: in the folded frame we can have a smartphone with a small 4.6-inch screen for all basic functions, in the folded one it is closer to a tablet with a 7.3-inch display. The gadget has a flexible Dynamic AMOLED screen with a 2152×1536 size, non-standard aspect ratio and HDR10 support. Transmission of "seamless" transition between small and large screens and operation mode with two and three windows. In order to do everything right, Samsung optimized its One UI 1.5 proprietary shell, as if stretched over Android 9 Pie (in a way). Behind the firmware is the flagship processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory. The smartphone has already three blocks of cameras: a triple main one, a frontal one (in the middle) and a single front one on the outer part. Live smartphone in the form of a suspended battery with a high capacity of 4380 mAg with a 15 W dart and a dartless charge and a 9 W return dartless charge.

What will be included?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Look: Future-3 Look

Samsung Galaxy Fold Look: Future-4 Look

Samsung Galaxy Fold Look: Look at the Future-5

Samsung Galaxy Fold Look: Look at the Future-6

Befitting such an unusual and expensive smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold comes in a great box with a good number of accessories in the middle. Crimson for a smartphone, in the kit there is a two-piece bumper, a USB Type-C cable, a charger, an adapter from USB Type-C to Type-A, Galaxy Buds wireless headphones (they didn’t reach us for the test) and a bunch of documentation, including Instructions and recommendations from your smartphone (in the first line, your inner screen).