Adorable owl ULO – home security camera

Adorable owl ULO – home security camera

Have you thought about whether you need a security camera for your home? Here’s a really cute reason to buy one ULO is an adorable owl-shaped home monitoring camera on Kickstarter. The device was created by Vivien Muller, who is already known for other inventions.

ULO Home Security Camera

ULO Owl – home security camera

An adorable owl may not seem like a threat to robbers, they won’t even think it’s a hidden camera.

The device, which must be connected to Wi-Fi, communicates through the owl’s eyes, which also have cameras built into them. When the ULO battery is less than 10 percent dead, the owl will look sleepy and tired. Other animations include blinking when you take a picture, or an owl squinting when someone is watching a video of it. The owl’s eyes follow the movements in the area of ​​coverage, it can look very cute during the day, but scary when you walk in the dark at night.

ULO Owl - security camera

ULO’s big, cute eyes use an LCD display similar to those found on smartwatches. You can customize the eye color, shape and size through the web page or the ULO app.

Some features, such as 1080p camera resolution, have been added since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. As the campaign draws to a close, new features are added to the listed features, all that’s left is to add voice control in different languages ​​and facial recognition. The campaign has just added voice control in English and French.

ULO camera setup and connection

The ULO has a capacitive button on the top that turns the unit on, and a double press will activate the ready mode for configuration. Muller says that users will be able to set up custom and secret sequences to connect to ULO, as well as turn alert mode on or off.


What’s pretty handy about alert mode is that it also activates when your smartphone leaves your Wi-Fi network. All movements that occur are recorded in an animated GIF and sent to e-mail.

ULO security camera operation

In alert mode, no eye expressions are displayed and the device can work for a week on a full charge. In normal mode with eye expressions, the ULO needs to be charged every two days, or you can leave it plugged in. The device comes with four magnets, depending on where you want to place the ULO, on the wall or on the ceiling.